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How to Stay Chic in Covid-19

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

All dressed up with nowhere to go; glam is back, and with a vengeance.

The stress of living through a global pandemic has no doubt had its toll. The industries in sweatpants and hoodies are booming; we’ve become a nation of people no longer interested in being fashionable. And can you blame us? We’re furloughed, working from home, and spending more time than ever on the sofa; its sometimes hard to find a single reason to get dressed in the morning.

No one can anticipate when the pandemic will begin to come to its long awaited end, but there’s no time like to present to prepare for it. Here’s a list of ways you can ease yourself back into looking stylish from the comforts of your own home – for now. Let’s hope one day these techniques can even be applied in the real world!


Zoom Calls Call for Accessories

I really don’t want to jinx things, but I have a feeling that the family Zoom call may be an activity we have to return to this Christmas. Although, if Boris is kind enough to let us party in person, a little statement jewellery never hurt anyone, on Zoom or not. That’s why I’m a massive advocate for embarrassingly large, sparkly earrings this winter. Think: so big they’d be crystal-clear even if your connection were blurry. If you’re feeling confident, you can even go all out by framing your face with a statement head-band or necklace too. My aim here is to really feel like a walking Christmas tree.

Here's some inspiration courtesy of brands Moschino, Shrimp, and Off-White, who all featured jaw-dropping statement pieces in their Autumn/Winter collections this year. You could even take another leaf from Moschino and try out some daring new hairstyles to top off the look!


Party on Top, Bedtime on the Bottom

Say goodbye to "jeans and a nice top", and hello to "joggers and a nice top". Especially on Zoom, dressing down underneath is the perfect alternative to squeezing into uncomfortable bottoms only to sit in your room. I don't know about you, but this might be something I cling to even post-pandemic. Beauty doesn't have to be pain. It can even be cotton!

Some of our favourite brands who featured stylish joggers on the runway this season inlude Tom Ford, Burberry, and Dion Lee. Jazzing up a pair of sweatpants may be the comfortable yet stylish outfit we've been waiting for all our lives. Or it might just be the allure of the slobbish lifestyle we've gotten used to taking hold.


A Huge Coat - To Cover Your Pyjamas

Venturing out into the big, wide world has become a scarcity lately, and therefore is now a huge event you should be determined to look stunning for every time. Whether its going to the supermarket, queueing for a Covid test, or seeing a friend - from 2 metres away in a park, of course - there's always an opportunity to dress up. However, taking off your comfy hoodie and pyjama bottoms is way too much to ask for. This is where owning an enormous coat comes in handy.

The runways donned trench, fur, and all around massive coats in their Autumn/Winter collections, exhibiting the true power of draping yourself in warm, gorgeous materials. Take a look at Burberry, Rokh and Rochas; dwarfed beneath these who would ever know you were actually wearing Spongebob pyjamas?


Its Time for a Makeover - Of Your Facemask

The holidays may be looking like they're going to be cancelled and we're all very sad, but don't worry! You can always just cover your frown and add a stylish flourish to your outfit with a glamorous new facemask. Owning a reusable facemask not only reduces the plastic waste generated by single-use facemasks, but it can also tie together a look.

The fashion industry has unfortunately been a little slow on adapting to the current boom in facemasks, with many brands, including Chanel and Louis Vuitton, not even featuring them on their runways this Autumn. For that reason, I'd suggest making and adorning your very own. Who doesn't love a bit of DIY - especially when bedazzling is involved.

Here are a couple of examples (from Pinterest) of ways you can glamorise your facemasks - the first does look a little daunting, but the second is quite a bit simpler: just add a brooch!


Its 2020 and, whether you want to call it a write-off or an opportunity to reinvent yourself, there's never a better time to treat yourself to a new outfit than the present. Or at least, that's what I've been telling myself to get through the pandemic. Maybe we'll all need therapy after this - but for now we still have retail therapy.

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