The Truth About Modelling Is Horrifying

An industry of gorgeous people has an ugly reality. Modelling may look and sound to most of us like The Dream Job, but there’s a darker side to the industry that would chill anyone quickly out of that assumption. The twisted reality of modelling involves eating disorders, ageism, sexual harassment, rampant racism, and constant anxiety about when exactly the industry will simply decide they’re bored of you. In 2020 being “woke” has become the hottest new trend; however, these

Behind the Rebirth of the Shoulder Pad

It was acceptable in the 80s. Here’s why its back. It seems as though everyone - from designers and top runway models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, to high-street stores - is going crazy for shoulder pads. But what has caused this seen-before trend to arise once again in mainstream fashion, and why do powerful women seem to love it so much? The shoulder pad was first introduced as a form of “power-dressing”, a trend first popularized in the 1930s during the Second World War,

Is Fashion Feminist Yet?

The fashion industry seems to be jumping on the feminist trend. But is it just that; a trend? The International Women’s Development Agency defines feminism as “quite simply, … all genders having equal rights and opportunities.” In 2020 its hard to stomach the fact that not everyone would agree with this statement, but even today feminism is often associated with a certain stigma. However, within fashion, it has truly taken off. In the last decade, the role of feminism within



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