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About The Ensemble

The fashion industry as it exists cannot survive sustainably and humanely in the modern world. Changes need to happen, and are happening, albeit very slowly. As a part of the next generation to inherit this industry, I want to be a part of this change. This may seem like an incredibly daunting statement; that the fashion industry has to die as we know it to be reborn without the imperfections it has today. But I’m thrilled by the notion that the future of fashion will be new and surprising, as isn’t this exactly what fashion has always set out to be in the first place?

The way that fashion, and the entire industry surrounding it, operates at the moment is showing severe signs that it is crumbling. Even before the pandemic fashion houses were struggling to keep up with the fast paced, demanding nature of consumerism in the modern day. However, its my belief that the future of fashion will allow for us all to relax a little bit. Less fast fashion may allow for the time to be more creative, unqiue, fashionable. This blog aims to anticipate and document this change; hopefully for the better.

My name's Robyn Pullen and I'm the sole writer and content producer for the fashion and lifestyle blog, The Ensemble. I'm currently a student at the University of the Arts London studying a masters in Fashion Journalism. My goal regarding this blog is to grow to understand and explore the industry that I hope to venture into in the future, and to develop my critical voice and knowledge of fashion.

Feel free to follow The Ensemble on Instagram at theensemble_blog, and my personal account at robyn_pullen_