Feeling hot

In true British style, having finally been given the gift of sunlight we now spend every minute either in it, talking about it or cursing it. It’s all about the weather and moaning about the heat is what we do best, folks.

Whilst it’s obviously great to finally bare a bit of flesh, here’s a wee message to the men of England…

Please, please, keep your tops on in town. You will not overheat, no one needs to see your ‘muscles’ and frankly, it’s just too much. Apart from the hot guy who I saw the other day. You’re exempt.

(Mum – there’s no need to call me about that last bit).

Top, Miss Selfridge // Trousers, Primark // Necklace, Primark // Shoes, New Look

When it’s hot outside, I adopt the age old rule of balance – when your legs are out, keep the top half covered and vice versa. With a breezy crop top taking up my bare skin quota, I pulled on these leopard trousers for a nice bit of clashing animal prints and paired them with my favourite New Look sandals. Man, I wish I’d bought two pairs of these bad boys.

With the sunshine set to last all month, it’s time to dig out the old playsuits and dresses from yesteryear and cook dodgy sausages on the BBQ whilst frolicking in the fields (well, park. But you get the idea).

Long may it last!

Laid back cool

Somedays you just want to throw on a t-shirt and jeans and be done with it.

And by ‘somedays’ I mean the ones where you prioritise those extra 10 minutes in bed over accessorising and nailing the latest trends.

Man, those 10 minutes were the best…

T-shirt, Asos // Jeans, Topshop // Sandals, New Look

No jewellery, simple hair and a slick of red lipstick finished off the relaxed look, with the clever cut of the tee keeping it on the right side of scruffy.

The longer arms and loose shape make it an easy style to wear but still keeps you looking chic and dressy. Laid back cool is all down to the right fabrics and cuts; silk camisoles, rich cotton t-shirts and loose denim shirts are the easiest pieces to wear with simple jeans to nail the off-duty model look. Well, within reason. Supermodel legs just can’t be bought. (I’ve checked – so much for Amazon selling everything).

Now you may have noticed that my recent photos are no longer outside with blowy hair and brick walls. This is partly down to a bit of a life shake-up, a little down to the fact that all I seem to do is work and mainly the fact that I just can’t face lugging a tripod down to a beautiful landscape and be all arty. Life is just too short to be laughed at by kids as you pull your best blogger poses and there’s only so many times you can face being asked to go to Nando’s by a 16 year old as his mates take the piss.

Mind you, by the look of these ‘outtakes’, my colleagues don’t make it much easier…

How do you do laid back cool?

The Instagram Myth

Every now and then, I momentarily forget that when it comes to social networks, you only see what people want you to see.

There’s a reason why there are no pre-7am selfies floating around the inter web; who in their right mind is going to share a photo of themselves with pillow creases across their cheeks and puffy morning eyes? Oh no, the deal is that you pop on some natural make up, do your hair a bit and then post a photo with the caption: “Just woke up and am such a mess. LOL”.

Instagram is a funny old world and my insatiable sarcastic nature can’t resist taking a jibe at it. And apparently, myself too.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty reality behind the shots…

Oh, Selfies. For those of you who have never heard of this phenomenon before (mum, I’m looking at you), this is the act of sharing a photo of yourself when you think you look particularly good. And Instagram is flippin’ full of them.

For me, the finished result is achieved after discarding 5 terrible photos which feature my arm at a dodgy angle and a series of creepy smiles, and then swiftly choosing a filter, blurring the edges and cropping it to make it ‘Like’ worthy.

Filters are your friends, people!

You can’t scroll through Instagram first thing in the morning or last thing at night, without coming across a photo of a cute animal. They’re literally EVERYWHERE. Cats, dogs, puppies, pigs; you name it, someones Instagramming it. Now I’ll admit I’m not the best at this category, actually the photo on the top right is my poor cat, Alfie, being blinded by the flash on my phone as I tried to capture him in all his Instagram-able glory.

The poor thing never could see very well again after that.

(Jokes. No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post. Hopefully.).

Oh yeah, I just drink Bollinger and hilariously named red wine, pretend to be in hipster bands, get gig stamps, chill out with black labradors and be around boats ALL. THE. TIME.

Hmm, alright, that’s not quite true. The reason why I snap these moments is because I’m frankly just happy to be out of my thermal pj’s and socialising with real people for a change. Now you don’t see that part, do ya?

Oh, food. You’re not a real Instagrammer if you don’t take a photo of everything before you eat it. Forget saying grace before you tuck in, I take that precious minute to document what I’m about to enjoy and then push it out on every social network possible.

Because everybody cares what you’re having for lunch, no?

If it’s pretty, it’ll be photographed. Done.

Right, I’m the worst for this and I apologise. Whether it’s Prosecco, cocktails, Cosmo in a can or hipster cider, I just can’t resist taking a photo of it. Despite appearances, I’m not always out drinking posh drinks with various bits of fruit stuck on the side of the glass. It’s like twice a week tops. Or maybe three times. Ok, no more than four times a week. Brownie promise.

And the reality…

Sometimes this happens:

Oh, and this too:

See, not so chic without a vintage filter on hand!

Do you see right through Instagram or do you love seeing how the other half (apparently) live?

Avoiding Malfunctions

The past 24 hours have been a challenge if I’m honest.

With the sun streaming down yesterday, I decided to reintroduce my legs to the world with the hope that they would pick up a little colour and finally end my uncanny resemblance to Casper. Cue me wearing leather shorts, a preppy shirt and a pair of beautiful tan wedges that were, in hindsight, an error for someone who gives Bambi a run for his money at the best of times.

It was all going so well until I was exiting my favourite bar after two glasses of Prosecco (I just love the bubbles), tripped over NOTHING, span around a little and then fell onto the ornate railing at the end of the bar, as my friend Lil loudly gasped. People saw, it was horrific and considering this is a monthly occurrence for me, I’m still dying a bit inside!

In fact, most of last night was spent with me spontaneously throwing my hands over my face, murmuring ‘Oh God’ and squirming under the covers at my own ridiculousness. Urgh, I’m a disaster.

In a bid to regain some form of dignity, todays outfit was put together with minimal chance of embarrassment in mind. So far, so good…

Denim shirt, H&M (not yet online) // Jeans, Topshop // Sandals, New Look // Necklace, c/o Adorn Accessories

This necklace was sent to me by the lovely Becca at Adorn Accessories and it’s just so beautiful. It also makes me feel a bit like a Mayoress and doubles up as a handy bib for when I inevitably spill my lunch/daily coffee down me.

Elegance is certainly not my middle name…

My ‘Curveball’ Outfit

From one day to the next, I change my mind on what my style is.

I go from thinking I’m a short pleated skirt with tucked in tops and ankle boots kind of girl, to then knowing I can always rely on simple jeans, vest and a statement necklace combo to be truly me. But then my wardrobe goes and throws out a curveball like today’s outfit which I fall in love with.

Who knows what I’m doing…

T-shirt, Primark // Trousers, River Island // Shoes, Primark

I have a feeling this happened after listening to ‘Bust Your Windows’ on repeat all morning (with a sprinkling of Iggy Azalea thrown in for good measure), thus resulting in me feeling a bit badass when I got dressed. This called for a sports-luxe-meets-music-fan-girl outfit, with these beautiful Primark shoes to keep it suitably girly.

For me, this is the only way to wear with a crop top. If my belly button is showing I just don’t feel I’m wearing enough clothing to be out in the daylight and, you know, queuing in the Post Office and stuff. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with flashing those abs (Rihanna, I’m looking at you) but I like to stick with just a flash of flesh with the help of high waisted trousers.

I should however, have realised this would be the least of my worries and have spent more time doing my homework before wearing this t-shirt. When I was innocently asked what my top 5 The Rolling Stones songs were and I could only name the one Britney Spears covered, it led to a very awkward moment.

I know, I know.

What’s your kind of curveball outfit?