Getting dressed for the office

The good thing about being back in Leeds for two weeks is that I can actually get dressed, go out to work and speak to actual people. It’s like a whole new, real life world!

If you’re currently  sat in office wear and can’t think of anything better than slouching in your pj’s, I’m afraid I’m going to have to dispel the dream – it’s just not all it’s cracked up to be. Yeah, it’s all fun and games on week 1 but when week 21 rolls around, all you want to do is put some trousers on and step away from the fleece blanket. And, as I can’t see the point of wearing make up or doing my hair for no reason, the poor Postman has experienced me at my very worst. I also suspect that he may think I’m 16 and skiving off school.

So today, on my first Monday back at Duke Studios, I decided to put a bit of effort in and get some decent clothes on my normally pyjama-clad back. You know, dress to impress.

Well, that was totally the plan at 12pm last night but when it was 7am I just couldn’t be arsed…

Leather jacket, H&M //  Top, Primark // Jeans, H&M // Moccasins, H&M // Laptop bag, Aldo // Necklace, Primark

Ok, it’s not exactly the world’s best outfit, but the fact that I have shoes on is a huge step. I can practically hear you traditional office folk shake your weary heads at me (“Erm, that’s not getting dressed for work?”), but I’m lucky enough that these are the joys of being freelance – anything goes.

As you can see, this leather jacket is continuing to be the source of my life’s pleasure at the moment (if you’re late to this story, I managed to nab it from H&M for just £10 from £100. Aka: Best Day Ever) and I’ve worn it despite the snow and my mother’s warnings about keeping wrapped up. The smugness of my bargain is keeping me lovely and warm, thank you very much.

A long line top, rolled up jeans, cute moccasins and patent laptop bag from Aldo finished off my casual Monday look with real humans. Real humans to actually sit with.

Imagine that?

  • Chloe Fuller

    I totally agree with you here, everything goes out the window at 7am when your tired and it’s cold and you can never go wrong with a leather jacket despite the weather, love your outfit.

    Take a look at my blog if you get a chance I blog about fashion and everything else I like :)


  • Lollypop1616

    What style of jeans are they from H&m? They are lovely x

  • Abigail Lovick

    I absolutely adore your style of writing, everything you post is so nice to read! Well done on getting dressed properly, I know I’d have this battle everyday if the nhs didn’t provide a uniform for work! X

    • The Style Tag

      Ah thanks Abigail. I’m really pleased you like my writing :)